Friday, May 09, 2008

CodeGeist III is almost over. I just noticed there were several last minute entries, one of which looks very clever, the HTMLDiff plugin. It displays the difference between two page versions as they appear in the browser, not at the wiki source level. That seems very nice.

My plugin is ready. I put finishing touches on the plugin page for the documentation. I really wish I could have gotten more testing. People seemed interested in the plugin, but it wasn't clear how many were actually trying it. I wonder how many Confluence users have 2.7.2+ installed such that they can try it. It'll be interesting to see if activity picks up if I manage to backport it to 2.5 or earlier.

I just checked and it looks like they have until June 15th to judge the contest, so I guess I'll be waiting a while for the results. Keeping my fingers crossed for more than a month is going to make typing dffjclt. :)

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