Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm putting the final touches on a paper I'm submitting for the annual JavaOne Call for Papers. In my preparation last night I had some questions about the process that I sent to . I thought the answers might be generally useful, so they're reproduced below:

Q: What is the attachment field for? Can I submit a PDF with my presentation outline and code samples?

A: Yes, this is exactly what this "field" is for. It gives the review team more insight into your proposal.

Q: How interactive is the review process? Does my submission need to be perfect, or will the committee be willing to accept the presentation but provide feedback for tailoring it? I'm willing to narrow the focus if they think it's too broad a topic or I'm covering too much.

A: We try to make the process interactive. The reviewers have access to your contact information and may engage in discussion with you regarding details that may help in their decision making.

I hope that helps other/future presenters. I'll try to post more information as I go through the submission process.

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